(knowing that "best" is subjective)

There are as many ways to approach newborn photography as there are newborns in the Pacific Northwest, on any given day. Each one of us Seattle newborn photographers is special and brings something unique to your baby's first professional photography experience. How do you pick a newborn photographer who you can trust? I have a few suggestions based on my experience working with families and their newborn babies in the Seattle area. I also understand that some of these suggestions might have more importance to your family than others. Keeping safety as the most important criteria, take the advice that suits your needs the best and always ask your photographer questions along the way.

what you should know about your seattle newborn photographer

their experience

A newborn photographer can have experience in the number of working years or maybe in the number of babies they have worked with in any given year. Each session gives us an opportunity to strengthen the skills we already have and also the ability to add new learnings to out toolkit. Look for any newborn-specific certifications when it comes to posed photography. Ask us how many lifestyle sessions we have done in the past, look at their portfolio and make an assessment based on your needs.

Their approach

Baby-led photography or lifestyle newborn photography are some names used to describe the style of photography I practice. This is the only type of newborn photography I do and I will even let the parents know that I won't handle their baby unless it's after the session and I have no cameras near me. There are families who are specifically looking for hands-on posed newborn photographers, which (ideally) require some training, props and additional photo equipment. I just come to your home with my camera - that's it. My approach is comfort and we do what is best for your baby.

Their reviews

Most family and newborn photographers in your area might have a page on Google or third-party sites where you can read reviews from their past clients. Look for patterns with words like friendly, calm, easy-going to describe their personality. When it come to the photography part of their review, look for patterns in how the families liked their photos. Bonus points will be if these words were said about a family or newborn photo session. If a photographer you like has few newborn photography reviews (it happens), ask for recommendations on social media sites or from people you know.

their safety standards

As a newborn photographer, I will personally not handle a newborn baby during a session. Lifestyle newborn photo sessions also mean that I will pose you so that your baby stays with you or near you at all times. It is simply easier and safer for me to do my job this way. Ask your photographer about their posing process during your in-home lifestyle newborn session. Some parents would prefer their photographer has flu/Covid-19 vaccines and maybe your baby has medical needs that need to be mentioned. Please let your newborn photographer know as much information as possible prior to a shoot.

seattle newborn photographer: a mother holds her newborn son close to her chest at a newborn photo session in Mukilteo

what you should know as a parent

your research

Almost every family I have worked with has done a lot of research to know which newborn photographer will be the best to work with their baby and family. Don't just pick the first photographer you find on Google. Once you know what you want, you can see if a local Everett or Seattle area newborn photographer will match that. Do a bit more digging based on their newborn or family portfolio for the style of photography you like.

your instincts

As the parent of a newborn, you're constantly refining how you take care of your baby. Even if you feel off, you are most likely to have a natural instinct to want the best for your baby. Your instincts are always correct. When communicating with your newborn photographer make sure you ask every question to put your mind at ease. Pay attention to how you feel when they are answered. A skilled photographer will be able to give you concrete and direct answers.

your budget

All my family, maternity and newborn photography packages are all-inclusive. This means you pay for the whole session and you get almost all of the best photos I make during the session. Just like there is a more affordable version of a dress at Target than the one you saw at J. Crew, same with a photographer. There are high-end newborn photographers, more affordable ones and cheaper than that. Every photographer has unique needs to run their business so as long as you know what value *YOU* get from investing in a photography session, you can find one that fits your budget. Ask every question so you know how much you can spend.

your family

More specifically, you should know your family's routine. Most photographers share a questionnaire for you to fill out prior to your session. If there are siblings involved, let your photographer in on their personalities. If there are any highly-sensitive children, mention it to your photographer so that they are prepared. A great newborn and family photographer tends to know how to work their way into getting the best shots quickly but it certainly helps to have prior information.

one last thing to know about newborn photography

Availability, booking and cancellations

Your newborn photographer might require you to book your session in advance. Before selecting who you want to work with, check and see if they have availability for your dates. Should you need to reschedule or cancel, find out about their policies. Most photographers will send you a contract so read all the terms and conditions before you book.

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