if you're on the fence about choosing a lifestyle newborn session, here are a few reasons to convince you why this is the right direction for your family.

It's at your home

The place where you and your family feels the most comfortable. No need to travel to a studio. You might think your place needs to look like it's out of a magazine but let your photographer (me!) surprise you. Your home is perfect the way it is. I will ask you questions about the space and what areas you gravitate towards as a family to get a sense of what we can work with. If there are objects I need to move out of the frame, I will do that so don't worry about tidying.

mukilteo newborn photography: a newborn baby with his feet in the air at an in-home newborn session
Everett lifestyle newborn session: a newborn baby at home in everett
snohomish newborn photography: a newborn with his mother, father and dog at home in snohomish

Your baby gets to be....a baby.

Hungry, sleepy, awake, squirmy, diaper change - all of these are more than welcome at a lifestyle newborn session. They don't take away anything from your session and your photos will reflect that. My photography packages are created in such a way that we will have plenty of time to adjust to your baby's needs - Something most new parents will appreciate. I will also be giving you a good balance of vocal cues and encouragement to make sure we get the best photos during our time together.

you get to hold your baby throughout

A lifestyle session places emphasis on you being close with your baby. It feels the most natural and it's when the most connection happens. I love seeing your snuggle your loves no matter how young or grown they are. Our sessions feel so much more love-filled this way and I hope you get to carry that closeness with you when you look back at your photos.

There is no time limit

The newborn session is paced according to the needs of the baby. Since there is no need for the baby to be asleep or posed, we can take our time getting photos without any hurry. I set aside a 2-hour window in the day time, when the baby and any other present kids are most alert. I'll bring some method but my hope is that all of it should feel casual for you.