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Headshots are an investment in yourself. And like anything that helps you position yourself for success, headshots are more than a worthy investment. The first thing anyone looks at online when researching a new business is the "about" page. We live in an increasingly online world and to have a personal connection with your ideal client means you have to put your face out there. As a headshot and branding photographer for the past 6 years, I have seen a tangible impact a photo session investment has had on the work of entrepreneurs and small businesses in my Everett community. Here are some more detailed reason why you should put a new headshot session on your (and my!) calendar.

better first impression

A hiring manager client I worked with recently wanted to take a new headshot for their LinkedIn profile on recommendation from a recruiter. The purpose of the headshot was for them to be able to network with potential talent to bring them onto their organization. The recruiter thought that having a new photo would make them create a good first impression. Isn't that we're all trying to do when we meet new people in our work life journey?

your phone or ai isn't going to do you justice

As a professional headshot and branding photographer, I understand light better than someone with a phone and a self-timer. Same with AI headshots that you might have been seeing online. An informed potential customer is going to give your business more value if they know you have spent the time and money on your web presence. Trust me, you can tell the difference between an amateur photo and a high quality professional headshot. Hiring a qualified photographer near you is easy. The best ones will make it as simple as you showing up to the location and letting them take care of making you look your best.

everett branding photographer: vibrant portrait of an Everett small business owner
everett headshot photography: an Everett pre-school teacher at a branding headashot session
everett creative photographer: a business owner at her lifestyle branding photo session

instant confidence boost

There is no better feeling than seeing a photo of yourself in model lighting, and loving the way you look. A professional headshot photographer will be able to pose and guide you to make you look like your most confident self. I make sure you love every batch of photo we take before you leave the session. Once the photos are professionally edited by me, they will look even better.

stay relevant

If your headshot is of 20-something-year-old you but you're a seasoned professional by now, you want your headshot to reflect that. Updated headshots can make a positive impact when networking, applying for jobs, or seeking new opportunities. Some industries or professions may have specific expectations regarding professional appearances. Staying current with headshots ensures that you meet or exceed these standards.

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