Everett small business photographer

Think about what you would do if you’ve never hired a professional branding or headshot photographer in your area before. You would pull out your phone and go to the search engine and probably type “photographer near me”. If you’re in Everett, chances are the top reviewed photography businesses show up. Who you would consider would likely be first based on their favorable branding/headshot review. Next step, you would take a look at their website to see if their style matches your vision for your small business.

This is where my services as an Everett-based branding and headshot photographer come in. Hi! I am glad you’re taking the time to read this blog post because I am going to share with you what I think are the 4 main reasons why it would do wonders to hire a photographer to create photographs for your small business in the Everett and Seattle area. 

Everett lifestyle branding photography: the owner of Wonder Baby in Everett interacts with an expectant couple
Everett branding photography: a couple in the waiting room at Wonder Baby Ultrasound Studio in Everett

Stock images don’t quite make the cut

Stock images are made to be a one-size-fits-all. Your vibrant small business is anything but run-of-the-mill so why would pay for something that is? By working with a professional photographer you can curate a brand story that will surpass stock images a million times over. A knowledgeable photographer can help you plan a vision board, source props (if needed) and suggest all creative aspects for the photoshoot with your input. Your customers will clearly see the difference in a personalized photoshoot versus stock images.

Everett marketing photographer: a doctor points to an x-ray at his clinic in Everett
Everett marketing photographer: a doctor interacts with a patient at his clinic in downtown everett

It’s an investment in your brand’s story

"The heart of modern photography is marketing", according to this detailed post on Medium.com. It says that 60% of consumers who use online search say they prefer to contact a business whose listing includes an image (source MDG). So why wouldn't you want to put in money for a long-term benefit to grow your business? It's a no brainer. With photos, you can appeal to the emotional side of your customers by telling your brand's story. I guarantee that if you vision aligns with your product and values, you will gain loyal customers that will keep coming back.

As David from Schitt's Creek says, "that's a write-off."

Seattle lifestyle branding: a student plays the Piano at Puget Sound Community School in Seattle
Seattle branding photographer: students pose at Puget Sound Community School in Seattle

You can give your clients a peak into your process

I love the behind-the-scenes footage of any business. It’s a visceral feeling to see your favorite coffee shop’s barista working on their craft behind the counter or a specialty doctor talking to patients. Something you might see as routine is a whole new experience for a future client. Trust me when I say that we would like nothing more than to be a part of it. It makes a client’s decision to hire you and then work with you seamless when they can envision what they are getting into.

Everett Lifestyle branding photographer: An overhead photo of a tray of confectionary at Touba Bakery Everett
Everett small business photographer: a baker holds a tray of his products at Touba Bakery in Everett

Visual consistency across various platforms

When you work with a professional photographer you will have an opportunity to create visuals that are the most true to your brand identity. Once you know the image you’d like to portray, your favorite branding photographer will help align with it. The photos you receive from your lifestyle branding session can be used on your website to help boost you SEO (search engine optimization), and also on all your social media channels and future marketing materials for your business. Having this consistency in your branding will help you stand out in the market you see yourself growing.  

Ready to book your branding session?

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