What to wear

This can be quite an overwhelming choice when it comes to coordinating your family’s outfits. There is a trick to it however and that is the color wheel. The color wheel shows us primary color and the colors that complement them fall right across on the wheel. If you want to follow this complementary color scheme choose one color as the base and then add in accents using the complementary color. This accent can also be in the form of patterns.

For example: If one parent wears maroon, something olive green would look wonderful in the other parent’s piece of clothing. Then you can pick another color in your outfit and tie it in to the kids’ clothes.

Since the colors in the wheel are so saturated in the graphic above, I wanted to remind you that when choosing your outfit, it’s best to select earthy, muted or pastel versions of the colors you see.

Below are examples of color palettes that you can pick and choose from because they tend to look great together.


What not to wear

All-Black or dark blue: It tends to blend into the background and doesn’t add much interest to an outdoor photo session. It’s okay to have black in parts of your outfit (like a polka dotted dress or stripes in a sweater). Or you can wear a black shirt but accessorize it with a statement necklace or a different colour sweater/jacket.

Bright white: It would look a lot more interesting to have an off-white, beige or softer version of white. Bright white just tends to take on a cooler tone in certain outdoor lighting, making it challenging to edit.

Fluorescent colours: These usually don't work well in outdoor sessions. However, if this is your family’s style, we could make it work.