relaxed summer family photography session in Seattle

The Washington Park Arboretum also known as "the Arboretum", in Seattle is one of my favourite locations for family or maternity photography sessions in the summer. It is a botanical garden and the staff working here do a phenomenal job of maintaining the public space for everyone to enjoy. As a Seattle family photographer, this is one of my go-to locations because it's easy to get to from most places. I have my preferred areas of the park where I ask families to meet and we walk around the different gardens during the 1-hour session. I do a few posed photos but a majority of the time spend in the UW Arboretum is spent playing, running, taking breaks and exploring the varied landscapes.

Best time of the year to visit washington park arboretum

The best time is every time. Even though I live in Everett WA, I go here even when I am not photographing families because I love looking at the plants and wildlife. I usually walk along Rhododendron Glen, which has rhodies dating back to the 1930s! A tip: The rhododendrons bloom in late spring here in the Pacific Northwest region so if you want to have some family photos with them, now is your time to go. Honestly, spring, summer, fall or winter are all great!! If you are nature lover and want to incorporate some beautiful native trees and plants in your family photo session, ask your Seattle family photographer about this spot. Or if you are a photographer, pick this as your location.

best areas of the arboretum for family photos

It's not really a secret that the stone bridge at the UW Arboretum allows you to use some great angles for any family, maternity or senior photography session. But that's not all. I love the horsehair ferns but I would caution photographers and families to be gentle with the growth and not trample the plants just for the sake of a photo. There is also a P-patch in the Arboretum which makes for a great backdrop. Again, please be respectful and don't pluck any fruit, flowers or veggies. I think there is nothing like walking through the park as an explorative activity with families and finding elements of nature to interact with. Take notice and enjoy the beauty of a photo session with your family, like I did with this family of three.

Washington park arboretum timings

Open Every day dawn to 8pm, free of charge. Visitors center open limited hours.

Location: 2300 Arboretum Drive E

Seattle, WA 98112 (Google Map)


I have one all-inclusive package for your Seattle lifestyle family or maternity photo session. Pricing for the sessions can be found on my "investment" page. Don't see what you like, feel free to ask for a custom quote. I also recommend the Washington Park Arboretum for Senior and maternity sessions.

Seattle summer photographer: a family of 3 on the stone foot bridge at UW Arboretum
seattle family photographer: a mother and father hug their son on the stone bridge at Washington Park Arboretum
family photographer in seattle: a mother and father stand with their son on the stone bridge at UW Arboretum
Seattle family photographer: a young boy lays in the middle of his parents, on a blanket
Family photographer in Seattle: a mother and father kiss their son on his cheek at a photo session in the Arboretum
seattle family photographer: a couple walks at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle