It’s that time of the year in the Pacific Northwest where there are multiple seasons in one day. Rain is a constant here in Everett and as a photographer, I have a few tips on how we can be prepared for weather during our family photography session.

Dress in layers

I send over a welcome packet to every family before their photo session. In it I recommend wearing or carrying layers in an outdoor backpack. This helps you be prepared in case it gets cold or windy on what was a sunny day.

Wear appropriate footwear

It can get muddy or slippery when it rains here in Washington. A pair of dressy outdoor boots would be perfect to keep your feet warm and dry in case of any splashy puddles.

Ask about umbrellas

I like using the clear plastic umbrellas for photo sessions that involve rain. If you’re up for some fun in the rain with your family, that’s what we will do. I think umbrellas and rain jackets fit the PNW family photo vibe perfectly. 

Bring hand warmers

Put some hand warmers in your outdoor bag before you leave and pop them in your pockets if you think your hands or your kids’ hands will get cold during the photo shoot. 

Carry a blanket

I love a photograph where the whole family bundles together in a blanket. I bring one with me always but if there is a specific color blanket you like, carry that along. 

Seattle wedding photography: A Seattle couple laugh together at the Washington Arboretum in Seattle
Everett maternity photography: A couple stand together at their maternity session in Willis Tucker Park