professional, fun, easy-going headshot photographer

You’ve done it! You’ve booked yourself an indoor headshot session to get a great start on your professional portfolio. You’re probably wondering how to prepare for it and I’m here to guide you through every step. Let’s begin.

Communicate your expectations

As your Everett headshot photographer, I love to know everything about you. We have only 30 minutes together when we meet for our photo session but prior to that is where all the magic happens. I will ask you a few questions so I know how to cater your headshot session uniquely to you. Tell me all about your purpose for these photographs. Are they for professional or personal use? Are they for a one-time project? Do they need to have a specific color backdrop? Will you need them sized a certain way while editing? Understanding your goals for the photos will help me create a vibe that will stay true to what you need.

Send me reference pictures

The Everett and Seattle area is knowing for having people who do things in a very unique way. So why should your headshot be run-of-the-mill? I love knowing your ideas for a studio headshot. I am more than likely to make it work so send me reference images and we can collaborate to get you what you want.

Pick your outfit

Imagine what you would wear to work on a daily basis and elevate that by 10%. What I mean by this is if you wore dress pants/skirt and a formal shirt, add a blazer to the outfit. You can also bring a tie. I recommend bringing 2-3 different shirt or blazer options/combinations for our 30-minute session. Take the additional step to ensure there are ironed, pet hair and wrinkle-free.

Style/cut your hair, wear light makeup

The headshot will focus on every aspect of your face from the chest up. If there’s something on your face you wouldn’t want magnified, correct it in the best way you are able. Don’t wear too much makeup if that’s what you aren’t normally doing. Stick to what you know.

It bears mentioning that I think we tend to be way more harsh on ourselves than we need to be. As your headshot photographer, I have heard almost every insecurity and I can empathize with this feeling. I think it's important to remember that our self-image is not always accurate. It's "real", for sure, but it's not true. It takes a lot of vulnerability to trust me. I promise you you're going to feel and look wonderful in every single photo. Have a look at my headshot reviews if you don't believe me.

Trust your photographer

I am very experienced in helping you find your best angles. I will give you posing cues through the photo session. Some of the posing cues go like this: “tilt your head a little to the left”, “stick your forehead forward”, “lean your shoulder towards the camera” and my favorite - "take a deep breath". I will also show you how these poses look by enacting them. I tend to have a conversation with you while we are taking photos so you will get a break from “posing” in between. 

Know that this is a journey of mutual faith so just as I ask that you trust me, I am also very open to listening to your suggestions because nobody knows you like you!

Get lots of rest and stay hydrated

If you are tired or haven't had enough water, it will show on your skin. I think this reminder should be #1 for anything in life. You will look and feel so much better if you do both these things.

That's it!

I set up the studio backdrop and equipment in my living room so you will be entering my home. There is plenty of space to set any bags or clothing down and a bathroom you can change/ look into the mirror. If you’d like to bring someone for moral support, you are free to do so. If you are ready to inquire about a headshot session, reach out to me on my contact page.