Mukilteo lighthouse park

Location: The Mukilteo Lighthouse Park is technically in the city of Mukilteo neighboring Everett. It is still a popular spot for me when I am doing family, maternity or high school senior photography sessions. It is very close to the ferry terminal that takes you to Whidbey Island. What makes it great is that the beach is nearby and and there are also great backdrops near the lighthouse area. It does get a bit chilly in the evening so bring a jacket that will keep you cozy.

Parking: You have to pay for parking but there are always plenty of spots available.

everett maternity photography: a kid plays at mukilteo lighthouse park in mukilteo

EVergreen arboretum

Location: The Evergreen Arboretum in North Everett is a hidden gem and a great spot for family photos no matter what time of the year it is. The gardens have variety of plant life and evergreen trees which change according to the seasons.

Parking: There isn't a lot of parking but every time I have visited there has always been empty spots.

everett family photography: an extended family session at evergreen arboretum in everett

Boxcar park

Location: Boxcar Park is set along the Everett waterfront at the Port of Everett in the north part of the city. There is a big open green field and places closer to the water if you want that in your backdrop. I like this spot because it's very quiet and you can have almost the whole place to yourself during golden hour.

Parking: There is plenty of parking and not much walking to get to where you need to go.

everett family photography: a mother and her son at a photo session at boxcar park in everett

hauge homestead park (Silverlake)

Location: Hauge Homested Park is the quieter part of the Silverlake park area in Everett. It is across from Thornton A. Sullivan park (the beach), which gets so busy in the summer. What I like about this location is that it has amazing foliage in the fall and spring, Evergreen trees all year and a beautiful open dock for photos. If you like you can also get close to the water for some shots.

Parking: The parking lot is not very big so it gets full on good weather days. If you do find a parking spot, there is not much walking to get to the photo locatuon.

Everett family photography: a couple with their two dogs at a family session in hauge homestead park in silverlake

Thornton a. sullivan park

Location: Speaking of Silverlake, Thornton A. Sullivan Park (also known as Silverlake Beach) is just as amazing for family photos but only if you stay in the part of the park that is away from the disc golf course or shoot earlier in the morning. There is a new playground here as well so it's a great way to get interactive, playful photos with families and their kids, if that's your style.

Parking: During school summer vacations it's difficult to find parking because everyone visits the beach here. I would avoid sessions here at that time of the year.

Everett senior photography: a high school senior at thornton a. sullivan park in silverlake

EVerett waterfront

Location: The boat docks in this area make for a unique photo opportunity for families and seniors alike. It has a bit more of an industrial feel but with enough natural elements like the Sound, birds and sometimes even seals, this is a great spot for your Everett family. Carry a jacket in the evening because the breeze makes everything chillier.

Parking: I recommend parking closest to the Anthony's restaurant in the area.

Everett senior session: a high school senior and her friend at their senior session at the everett waterfront

Your home!

Location: Your home sweet home in Everett is the best place for family photos. It's where you're the most comfortable, which makes for photos that look natural more easily. Schedule an in-home lifestyle family, maternity or newborn photo session and let's make memories that are uniquely you.

Parking: Since I am the only one that will be parking, you get to tell me the best spot.

everett newborn photography: a couple holds their newborn son at their home in everett