seattle summer...

...We could write odes to the few short months where we get to experience the sun shining down on this vast grey expanse of land we call Western Washington, here in the Pacific Northwest region. Summer time in Seattle is much-awaited. As a Seattle photographer, documenting the lives my families becomes even more exciting when we don't have to check the weather leading up to a session. The parks in the Seattle area make for a stunning canvas for our playful outdoor family photo sessions, as well. Which is the purpose of this blog post in the first place. I wanted to write about one of my favourite Seattle park to frolic in for a real lifestyle documentary photo session- Discovery Park.

family photography at discovery park in seattle

I love this place so very much. Before I was even a family photographer in Seattle, I first visited this place with my friend and her dog. I thought "How could this exist so plainly in the middle of the city?" We walked so much and never reached the same place twice. I didn't drive at the time so I took the bus there from downtown Seattle, which conveniently dropped me off to the South Parking Lot.

Little did I realise that in the future, the South Parking Lot in Discovery Park would become my meeting spot for most of my families prior the our family photo sessions. It was meant to be. If you're just starting out as a family photographer in the Seattle area and are looking for a place to take your families for photos, add this to your location spots asap.

Discovery park during golden hour

The grassland part of the park overlooking the Puget Sound is so stunning during golden hour. In the summer, daylight stretches out to 10pm so most golden hour sessions in the evening can start at 7.30pm. It takes a little more planning for families of young kids to stay up late but it's so worth it for the photos. If you can plan for a naptime for you and your kiddos (hey! Take one if you need it) around 3.30 pm or so, it can definitely happen.

getting to Discovery park beach

I have not been able to photograph a family at the beach at Discovery Park yet. Parking is only available for those with a permit, which are very limited. There is a bus that supposedly runs to the beach but that's only on Saturday. There is already a lot of logistical planning involved for a family photo session so I wouldn't want to add "bus timings" to the list. If you feel motivated, you could take a rideshare there. Another great option is to make it a family adventure photo session and and hike to the beach (note to self). Here is all the information you need about parking at the beach.

which brings me to this family photo session in discovery park seattle

I love meeting this family each year. They opt to keep their kiddo's face off the internet, which is why I chose these particular photos. The little one was 2 at the time and wanted to run full speed away from the camera. This was a decisive point for me as a photographer. I thought how much more fun it is to get photographs of kids being kids and exploring their environment. We decided to make many games during all the poses and got a mix of so many different moments of connection. All thanks to the wide open possibilities of a family photo session at Discovery Park.

seattle family photographer: two grandparents engage their grandchild in play at discovery park in seattle
seattle family photographer: a close up of a person holding a child's hands as she jumps at discovery park in seattle
seattle family photographer: grandparents squat close to the ground as their granddaughter runs towards their open arms


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