Even though your lifestyle newborn sessions happen in the comfort of your home, there is a little bit of preparation that can help the few hours we have together move easily. (Spoiler alert: Absolutely none of it involves cleaning your house.) I’ve realized that if you have these few questions answered beforehand, everything else is manageable. As a photographer working with families in Seattle, Everett, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, Bothell and Redmond, let me walk you through my preparation method for a lifestyle newborn session so you can relax and enjoy the time making memories together.


The first thing to know is the colors you will choose. I like bold colors just as much as I like pastels or neutrals. I think it helps to look at your closets and around your home and see the colors you usually favor. I recommend keeping the baby in something that’s neutral and with minimal patterns so the focus can stay on their newborn skin. Keep about 3 outfits ready for the baby in case they need a change. Tie any colors you choose with the rest of your family’s outfits. You can also always let me know what you plan to wear and I’ll give you my feedback.


All my lifestyle newborn sessions happen between 9am-noon. This is when there is the most light outside and when babies and kids are most alert. Walk through your home during this time and identify which spaces have the best natural light. If there are just a couple of big windows, it will work perfectly. You don’t have to clean the room but if there is anything obstructing these spaces, try to move them out of the way (if possible). As your photographer, I am very capable of posing families to showcase them in the best light and I mean that quite literally.


If there is a bedroom in the house that has good light and you would like to use the bed for photos, try to make the bed look cozy with the addition of pillows and blankets. As I have said before, you don’t have to clean your house. Every home has clutter and I move things around if they are in a shot. There is no home – big or small - I have seen that isn’t picture-ready. My camera is going to be on you and your newborn, so everything else most likely won’t matter.


Feeding the baby is something you know best, no matter how far you are in your parenting journey. A baby with a full belly will be happier - always. The beauty of a lifestyle newborn session in your home is that I will photograph everything as if it was a documentary on your life. If you’re comfortable and want photos of mama breastfeeding or another person giving the baby a bottle, discuss it with each other and let me know ahead of time. There is no pressure to do anything you would not want to but I encourage you to be present with how you feel and how you would like to remember these moments. Apart from the newborn baby, make sure everyone else has eaten too.

Is your house warm?

Keep the temperature above 70F at all times during the photo session. This is just a recommendation for while the photo session is happening. You know what is best for your child and you can revert to that once the photos are all done.


Every lifestyle newborn sessions happens almost identically to how a family session would go. I have my posing guide in place and I try to get as many photos as possible of the whole family before everyone loses steam. The pace is set according to the baby, of course, and I organize all my “must-have” shots based on that. You don’t have to know what to do. All the instructions will come from me in a gentle way, encouraging you to be together and only look at me if I ask you to (Basically never because I am invisible). Focus on your other kids (if there are any) just as much. This time of transition and bonding with you and their new sibling is so beautiful and I will be there to help you see it all.

Everett Newborn photography: A grandfather hold his newborn grandson at an in-home newborn photo session
Everett newborn photography: a mother breastfeeds her newborn baby girl at an in-home lifestyle newborn session
Everett newborn session: a new dad lays his newborn son down on the bed at an in-home photo session

"be present with how you feel and how you would like to remember these moments"

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