everett newborn photograpy

There is no place like home. No matter what your birth story will be, the desire to be back in your own home or bed (if you gave birth at home) after giving birth is like none other. I don't blame you. Nobody likes being in the hospital for longer than necessary. Once you get home with your baby, you might have little desire to leave home. This is the main reason why you should seek out a newborn photographer that will come to your house to photograph this new miracle in your life.

As a photographer, I love to observe human connection. The environment that seem to bring out the coziest feeling in every family is when they are at home. This relaxed body language shows in every amazing newborn photo album you might have seen and loved online. Let's first take a look at the two main types of newborn photography that parents have to choose from.

posed or studio newborn photography

This type of newborn photography mainly focuses on the baby over the family. The baby is wrapped in a selection of swaddles or wraps and the photographer might either ask you to visit their studio or they might be willing to travel with their studio setup. A photographer should ideally be trained in how to safely pose and wrap the baby.

unposed, baby-led, lifestyle newborn photography

This type of photography usually has the newborn baby posed in a way they would naturally be at home. Speaking of which, this type of photography usually takes place in the family's home, in a space with natural window light. There are no props used.

My approach

When I first started my journey as a newborn photographer in Everett, I thought I had to do the the posed style of photography. Mothers-to-be would call me and ask what type of props I had and I had no answer. I initially stressed out a lot about how I was going to be able to purchase and store a variety of baby wraps and props. I have always been a minimalist and having too much gear or equipment was something that I felt would overwhelm me easily. It took me a little bit of time and watching other newborn photographers online to realize that there were other approaches to newborn photography. I just had to find mine.

When I come to your home for a newborn photo session, it is always with just my camera. I occasionally volunteer to bring a blanket in case a family doesn't have one but that's all I have. My approach is to keep the baby as comfortable as possible. I don't pose the baby. I ask the parent to lay them down at a well-lit and warm spot. I might ask them to swaddle the baby lightly but nothing far beyond what they would normally do in their day to day.

I like to involve every member of the family when I come to your home. It's exciting and special to have a new member of the family and having them interact so carefully and gently is something worth documenting in every tiny detail. Doing these newborn photo sessions at home in Seattle or Everett is so important to me as a photographer. Your home is such an intimate space and a big part of your story. Not only that, everything is so convenient. Need to change your baby's outfit? Just walk to the next room.

Some mothers also follow post-birth confinement periods which makes it a lot easier to have a photographer come to you at home. Both baby and mama don't have to be exposed to external stresses like traffic (ugh!). I live and work in Everett but I am happy to travel wherever you are in the Seattle area. When I am done taking the photos - which are all done at the newborn's pace - you are already home! It's one of the least stressful photo sessions I do and I love every minute of it.

Ready to book a newborn session at your home?

Have a look at my newborn portfolio and contact me when you're ready to book. The best time to book a newborn session is a month before you are due but you can let me know as early as you'd like.

EGD Photography is located outside Seattle, WA in Everett, WA. Edlyn G D'Souza is the friendly face behind Seattle-Everett maternity and newborn photography business. She specializes in family photography. Edlyn works with families in Seattle, Everett, Bothell, Mukilteo, Lynnwood and most surrounding areas in Western Washington. She brings a calm and curious nature to every newborn photo session.