It takes a little bit of preparation for my families going into their photography sessions. As your Seattle family photographer, I do a bulk of the work so you can comfortably show up as the star of the show. However, if you take a few of these steps prior to your photography session, I guarantee it will make everyone breathe a little bit easier.

(PS: I send a version of this to every family as a "welcome guide", before the photo session.)

pick what you will wear

I always ask my families whether they know what outfits they are going to choose for their Seattle outdoor or in-home family photo sessions. My welcome guide has tips on outfit selection and co-ordination. Some of us have a great eye when it comes to picking outfits whereas others might have decision fatigue. I also gather a lot of the mental preparation work for planning photoshoots falls on the mom, which is why I am here to help alleviate some of the stress. Ask me anything during the booking process. We can do a consultation call at any time to help you with this task.

prepare your younger family members

If you have younger kids, they are going to be curious about what the fuss is about. Some of them might not even understand what is happening. The easiest way to prepare a child for a photo session is to tell them right before what your expectations are. When they are well rested, fed and alert, speak to them about the photoshoot.

Use language like: "We're going to go on a fun trip to the park/beach/living room to take some photos. It will be so much fun. We will smile, hug, play and laugh for a little bit. Mom/dad will be there if you're worried or scared. We will go get ice-cream/do movie night/*insert fun activity here* after we're done. Do you have any questions or are you excited to see the water?"

Make it a dialogue and adjust this in a way that will be relatable for your older child/children. Remember that as your Seattle family photographer, I have no expectations from your kids to be happy or smiley. I will engage with them and you will get AMAZING photos regardless of what they are feeling. Just be present with your kids and love them the way they are.

pack a backpack of what to carry to the session

For all outdoor family photo sessions whether it is to the sandy Mukilteo beach or Carkeek park or Discovery Park, you need one outdoor backpack with essentials. Here is a short list of what you should carry to a photo session outdoors:

1) Hair brush

2) Non-messy snacks like cut fruit, fruit snacks or fruit leather

3) Water bottles

4) Wet wipes

5) A comfort toy (definitely bring this)

6) A book, if you want to take a reading break as part of your photo session

7) A favourite blanket. I carry blankets with me but if there is one you love and is easy to pack, please bring it along

8) Back-up outfit or diapers for young babies

take a nap or decompress prior to the session

The day of your Seattle photo session should be a relaxing one for your family. I usually like doing photos in the evening so I always recommend you time a nap for your kids till about 1 hour before you leave for the photo session. Same for you- the adults! Rest before your session so you come feeling alive.

connect with each other before you leave the house

Give everyone a group of individual hug and tell every member of your family that you love them. Photo sessions are all about connection and this is a great way to begin and to stay present to the reason you're doing something like this in the first place.

all About your seattle family photographer:

EGD Photography is located outside Seattle, WA in Everett, WA. Edlyn G D'Souza is the friendly face behind the family, maternity and newborn and senior photography business. Edlyn works with families in Seattle, Everett, Bothell, Mukilteo, Lynnwood and most surrounding areas in Western Washington. She brings a calm and curious nature to every senior photo session.

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