one of my favorite parts

of being an adult is looking back on photos of me as a kid and seeing me grandparents in there with me. On my wall is a photo of my baptism with all four grandparents in it but I only had a relationship I remember with three of them. That makes this photo worth its weight in gold to me. In this globalized world where kids are moving away from their families for different prospects (like me), I know exactly how precious and rare it is to have photos with extended family. This is why I encourage you to invite the grandparents to your family photo sessions.

It doesn't cost extra

Some photographers might only do family sessions with immediate members but not this one! My father died when his first grandchild barely turned one and so every image my photographer sister got with him is a story we can all pass on to the next generation. There is no way I can put a price tag on it so if I had to choose between 1 million dollars and the cost of a regular family session, I choose the second option.

it's a great activity for the whole family

Are you wondering what to do when the grandparents are in town? I bet that a family photo session wouldn't be one of the first things that come to mind. My sessions can happen in a wonderful local park and the way it flows is that it feels like a memorable day out. If you were looking to have an outdoor adventure, I set it up to feel exactly like that. So many of my clients time their photo sessions for when the grands are visiting and I love the interactions I am able to photograph. The grandparents will be smiling the entire time, I promise you this.

It's a great gift idea

Grandparents LOVE photos. Ask my mother what percentage of her phone's memory is photos of the grandbabies and the answer is probably all of it. While a smartphone works well in a pinch, hiring a professional photographer would make you so much happier with the end result. We understand composition, lighting and are so present when it comes to direction that you will have timeless memories you can look back on for years to come. It might be a one-time purchase or an annual tradition - whatever your choice, there will be no regrets.