Feel free to reach out to me on the Contact page.

Do you have a basic pricing sheet?

My current rates fall between $100- $250 per hour. The prices listed are the basic cost. If you have additional requests, it could increase.

Product photography
Start at $150 an hour

Start at $150 an hour

10+ images
30 minutes
Online gallery

Family sessions (more than 2 people)
30 images
1 hour
Online gallery

100+ images
2 hours
Online gallery

75+ images
1 hour
Online gallery

30+ images
1.5 hours
Online gallery

(Mg means love in my native language Konkani, Pyaar means love in Hindi. Juju is just the good stuff)
Mog plan: $400, 50+ images, 3 hours, Online gallery
Juju plan: $1000, 250+ images, 8 hours, Online gallery
Pyaar plan: $1400, 500+ image, 10 hours, Online gallery, free 1-hour engagement session before of after the wedding
Extra photographer: $200

Because all projects are different, I prefer to work with you to come up with a service cost that’s reasonable for the work being done. Please contact me for more details.

How would you describe your photography style?

My favourite type of shots always seem to involve candor. I enjoy capturing the human condition and strive to do this by getting to know you a little bit before I go any further. I don’t do too many posed shots and I like to give minimal direction so that you can find what feels right to you.

Do you shoot more than just people?

Yes! I really love food and product photography. I am a self-taught food photographer and I use a lot of what I learnt from there to style or photography products as well. You can check out some of my food photos on my blog egeedee.com

Did you study photography?

Nope! I’m learning as I go but I’ve been making photos since 2005(!) so I felt like this was a good time to do this professionally.

Where else can I connect with you?

Instagram: @egd_photo and my personal insta is edlyngd
Facebook: facebook.com/egeeedee