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Hello, I am Edlyn. I love to make photos but most of all I love to make photography accessible to everyone. I have been playing with film, phone and digital cameras for as long as I can remember but didn’t think much of my abilities until I volunteered as a photographer for Rain City Rock Camp in Seattle in 2013. With the help of the community, I was able to grow in confidence and skill. That journey has brought me here. I am always learning, growing, breathing and looking for ways to help you remember the tiny beautiful moments as we go along.

(As of May 14, 2021, I will be vaccinated with Moderna, baby! I look forward to working with you and a lot more relief.)

Pricing sheet

My current rates fall between $100- $250 per hour*. The prices listed are the basic cost of each session. The number of photos stated is a minimum amount and could go over. If you have additional requests, it may increase. Prices include sales tax.

Mini sessions
Start at $150
10 images
30 minutes
Online gallery

Product photography
Start at $175 an hour
Best suited for small businesses and brands looking to make a visual impact with social media or web content.

Start at $250 an hour. You get 40+ images per hour of photography
Best suited for birthday parties, formal or casual get-togethers, business events etcetera

Headshots (Studio or outdoor)
5 images
30 minutes
Online gallery

Family sessions (more than 2 people)
20-40 images
1 hour
Online gallery

20 images
1 hour
Online gallery

Starts at $250
20+ images
1 hour
Online gallery

Newborn and babies
Starts at $250
20+ images
1 hour
Online gallery

Bump to baby
Covers maternity and newborn photos
50+50 images
1 hour each session
Online gallery

Weddings (base plans)
(Mog means love in my native language Konkani, Pyaar means love in Hindi. Juju is just the good stuff)
Mog plan: $800, 100+ images, 3 hours, Online gallery
Juju plan: $1800, 250+ images, 8 hours, Online gallery
Pyaar plan: $2500, 500+ images, 10 hours, Online gallery, free 1-hour engagement session before of after the wedding

If you require an extra photographer, please note that the cost is an additional: $500. I am very comfortable shooting a wedding of 150+ people on my own. If you really feel it would give you better coverage to have another set of eyes on your big day, let me know and I can suggest the best option for you.

Because all projects are different, I prefer to work with you to come up with a service cost that’s reasonable for the work being done. Please contact me for more details.

I charge a non-refundable booking fee, which is 50% of the total cost of the photoshoot. My rescheduling policy is flexible owing to covid-19 restrictions and weather conditions. I am also open to discussing a flexible payment plan or a sliding scale form of payment for certain clients. I believe photography should be accessible to EVERYBODY. On that note, let’s talk more.

How would you describe your photography style?

My photography style aims to capture candor and I give direction accordingly, so I can capture you in those in-between moments. My editing style focuses a lot on true colours and light. I try to capture the mood as it was, as much as I can while editing.

Do you photograph more than just people?

Yes! I also specialise in branding photography. I can help you use photography to grow your brand and market yourself to your preferred audience. I am also a self-taught food photographer and I use a lot of what I learnt from there to style or photography products as well. You can check out some of my food photos on my blog

Did you study photography?

No. I started out as a journalist (editor and writer) and I’m learning as I go. I’ve been making photos since 2005(!) so I felt like this was a good time to do this professionally. I am very confident behind the camera and my experience working in journalism and customer service gives me an edge when interacting with people of all backgrounds.

What do you recommend we wear to our photoshoot?

I generally tell people to go with what feels comfortable but since that’s too open-ended, here are a few suggestions for the various types of shoots.

Headshots: First think of the vibe you want to create through your photos and what your line of work is. For a corporate headshot? Choose professional attire like button-down tops, a blazer, suit jacket, pants or a skirt. Stick to neutral colours but also take into account what complements your skin tone. Some folks might look too washed out in white so in that case, brights like red or yellow would work out perfectly. Try to stay away from busy prints to keep the attention on your eyes.

For a more semi-formal or creative headshot, you will have a lot more freedom, which can also feel a lot more restrictive at times. So remember the same guidelines as above but keep your personal style at the top of the priority list.

Family photos: I think your family looks amazing when you co-ordinate outfit colours. Parents, pick a palette and play dress-up within the colour scheme. For example, if you pick yellow and grey, try to add one or more of those colours in all your outfits. If you want suggestions for what colours go well together in my opinion, discuss it with me before your shoot and I will give you some tips.

Couples: This is where I say to let you personal styles shine! Keep comfort on top of your list. If you want to wear shoes that might not be too comfortable for standing or walking in, bring a change so you can get out of them as soon as the shoot is done. Same with jackets or a warm item of clothing you can cloak yourself in if it gets cold.

Newborn photos: I don’t pose newborns in anything other than their natural states so if you would like to use props, please let me know and I will accommodate them in my shot list. Soft, neutral colours always work with babies so consider your babies’ skin tone and decide what’s best.

Where else can I connect with you?

Instagram: @egd_photo and my personal insta is @edlyngd
Although the best place to connect with me is on email [email protected]